Saturday, November 10, 2012

Troll Metal.

You know it.  You love it.  Trolls are metal.

Not this kind, the other kind.

You got your Finntroll, your Trollfest, your other bands with the word "troll" in the name...then you have Aktarum.

Kilts.  Seems legit.

You can look at these Belgian boys and probably guess right off the bat what they sound like.  And you probably wouldn't be too far wrong.  They play your traditional blend of black and folk which is something that for the purposes of this site I should probably invent a term for...'blolk metal''ll get back to you on that. Regardless, that sound is familiar.  Inasmuch as I love it and you love it (or you'd be over on NPR checking out Wolves in the Throne Room or something) it can get a little played.  On the flip side it doesn't take much to inject a little life into the ol' grim and frostbitten corpse and Aktarum manages to do just that.  Some rather flippant wind instruments and tongue-in-cheek spoken word bits ("Hey! Human! Where are you going? I'm going to eat you! Because I'm a troll!") manage to plop a little humour into your kvltness, which I know so many of the tr00 br00tal crowd hates, which is why I love it, and keep putting it up on my site as a big trollish fuck you to anyone who can't see the light side of pure unadulterated xenophobic nihilism.

Why yes, I *am* abusing the living fuck out of this image, thanks for asking.

So, on with the show.

Aktarum - "Spiritual Troll"

If you want to question their cred, be my guest, but they've opened for Moonsorrow and Turisas and while Turisas isn't my favourite band as far as I'm concerned anything Moonsorrow touches turns to gold with boobs on it and coated with candy and vodka shots.

You'll have to imagine the candy and vodka, sorry.

Yes, pretty much every song has the word "troll" in it.  I appreciate that kind of commitment to an artistic vision.

 Aktarum, "Black Troll"

As far as I know the band only has the one album (2010's "Gang of Trolls") but the E.M. lists them as still active so I'm hopeful to see something more from them once they've refined their sound a little.  Meanwhile I'm going to go Google more images of gold painted boobs.


Hugh Nichols said...

Nice find Trollfiend. I LOVE YOU.

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