Saturday, February 18, 2012

Raise Your Horns.

Yesterday was a special day.  It marked the birth of Tomas Forsberg, probably better known to most of us as Quorthon.

R.I.P. June 7, 2004

He in turn gave birth to the concept we know today as 'Viking metal'.  For that, here in the witch-haunted caverns of Also, Wolves, he is to be honoured.  Therefore in my infinite wisdom I declare February 17th to be the international holiday 'Viking Metal Day'.  

Irreverence aside, I think we can all agree that his passing left a hole in the metal universe that cannot be filled.   So raise your horns for this fallen warrior and hold those hammers high.  

Bathory - "One Rode To Asa Bay"

We'll see you in Valhalla.


islander said...

I'll drink to that.

I knew I was drinking to something. Now I know what it was.

Ørsaeth said...

I honoured Quorthon by drinking beer and listening to black metal in a forest at night!
Hail Bathory!

unthar said...

Just bought my first Bathory album this week - Under the Sign of the Black Mark. I had no idea it was his birthday! Great album. I can't stop listening to Enter the Eternal Fire. The solo at the end of Call From the Grave is fantastic. That huge echo-scape.

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