Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trollrock Out With Your Trollcock Out.

Okay, I know the title of this post is pretty damn sexist but the closest female equivalent I could think of was "Trollspaz Out With Your Trollvag Out" which, aside from being a pretty shitty rhyme, just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

This will make sense later, I promise.

Quick - without Googling it - who knows where Belarus is?

Follow-up question: who knew that there was even a country called Belarus?

Well now you do.  And you also now know (because I said so) that Belarus is home to a few pretty sweet bands, one of whom is the awesome folk rock/metal collective known as Litvintroll.  Now I am not going to lie to you, I stumbled across this band in the very un-metal fashion of keyword searching "troll" on YouTube.  This is something I do on a semi-regular basis for no other reason than it lets me discover new bands like Litvintroll (guess how I discovered this band? Go on, guess.).

This is the first video I came across:

Litvintroll - "Rock 'N' Troll"

I'm guessing I don't have to tell you I dug this immediately.  I mean the one dude is playing a freakin' recorder, for fuck's sake. There is absolutely NOTHING metal about the recorder.  Or so I once thought.  The other unusual instrument you'll see and hear in this video is a bagless bagpipe (not a "pipe" as is commonly and incorrectly thought).  Okay, I'm sort of guessing on that one.  It might be a zhaleika.  My knowledge of folk instruments is pretty limited...I know some of the more common ones, you know, like accordions and junk. Oh, and there are bagged bagpipes too, at the end.  After the breakdown.

Regardless.  This is not as metal as I usually like my folk metal to be, but Litvintroll has some damn catchy riffs and grooves.  They produce what I like to affectionately call "stompers", id est, songs that makes you want to stomp around and spill some beer on someone (otherwise known to the non-metal community as 'dancing').  Here's what I mean:

Litvintroll - "The Air Is Fragrant With Thyme"

Don't let the song title fool you.

Kind of makes me wish I understood Belarusian so I could sing along and not have to make up my own lyrics ("boxes and boxes and boxes of borscht! Huah!").  I realize 'singing along' is not metal, but I'm about as trve and kvlt as Miley Cyrus so I'm okay with that.  

One more: a cover.

Litvintroll - "Breaking The Law" (Judas Priest)

And because I'm not too proud to admit when I am wrong, it took hearing a cover of this song by a Belarusian folk metal band before I realized that the first line was not "Darryl was completely wasted..." For so much of my life I have endured sleepless nights wondering who the fuck Darryl was, and now thanks to Litvintroll I can finally rest.

That's Belarus.  And now you know.


islander said...

I have only one thing to say: The air is fragrant with thyme. Because I stomped the shit out of my thyme listening to Litvintroll.

Also, bagpipes.

Trollfiend said...

I can totally picture you with a quaint little herb garden.

Ben said...

Hell fucking yes. I love me a good stompin' (Either skulls or thyme, I'm partial to each)

unthar said...

Anyone know where I can purchase the Livintroll CD? Searched on the net to no avail.

Trollfiend said...
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Trollfiend said...

I haven't found it for purchase either but if you go on their official page under "music" there is a link to download a .rar file copy of their album "Rock 'n' Troll". Here's a link:

Rock & Troll

The download is on the right just under the track list.

unthar said...

Thanks! Just downloaded the rar and am listening right now. Glad to see I didn't have to illegally download it. That's something Darryl would have done. (I can't believe all of these years I thought it was Darryl)

I've added Litvintroll to my massive collection of folk metal which includes both this album and Eluveitie! I'm not sure if Primordial counts. I tried all of those Arkona samples you posted but they're not doing it for me. Is there a 'must have' folk metal album you'd recommend?

Trollfiend said...

Primordial certainly counts! At least by my definition.

A "must have" folk metal album? Yeesh...I'm not sure I could limit it to just one. Especially since you said Arkona wasn't doing it for you...ahh... I guess it depends on what you like. If you want really folky, dancing-and-drinking-around-the-fire-after-a-hearty-bear-hunt-type folk metal, I'd say anything by Korpiklaani ('Tales Along This Road' and 'Spirit of the Forest' being good places to start). If you're a fan of black metal I'd definitely point you toward Moonsorrow's 'Tulimyrsky' EP. Don't worry, you'll get your money's worth out of that one. If you like death metal, I'd say check out Kartikeya's 'Mahayuga' album. If you like any of those, I can always recommend much, much more...

unthar said...

I downloaded Kartikeya's Durga Puja from NCS - because the cover art was so cool. It's an excellent EP. The opening song sounds a little djent-ish in places and I was initially concerned I wouldn't like it, but the whole thing has grown on me. I'll be downloading the two other albums that are posted on NCS.

I also purchased the Moonsorrow EP you recommended. You weren't kidding when you said you get your money's worth. The title track is a lot to take in. I'm still trying to comprehend it. I'm really diggin the last two tracks though. Some of it reminds me of Taake (but I say that about most BM).

Trollfiend said...

Don't ask me to define it in any kind of musical terms, because I can't; but to me Moonsorrow sounds a lot less bleak and hate-filled than most BM.

Mind you, while I do listen to a fair bit of BM (Taake, Setherial, Immortal, Svarttjern, Darkthrone, Iskald, Emperor and Negura Bunget being top of my list) I'm not exactly a connoisseur of the style so it could just be that I'm full of shit :)

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