Monday, December 26, 2011

Raise Your Horns For The Fallen.

I am sad to report that the internet has lost a fantastic metal site, The Number of the Blog.  In true Viking fashion, I pillaged this banner from the innocent villagers over at NCS:

You can read the tale of the final battle at that selfsame place, in this post.  Now I know Herr Grover, Gaia, Ziltoid, Tr00 Nate,  and the rest of the crew over at TNOTB will be present elsewhere and I hear there is a NEXT STAGE involved but still...there's only one proper thing to do when a comrade falls in battle.  Viking funeral!

So long, TNOTB, may you drink mead in Valhalla with Odin and sexy valkyries until the final doom of Ragnarok.


islander said...

Viking funeral! Well done bro.

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