Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Under Your Beard.

Quick - without Googling - who knows where Estonia is?

Not under your beard, but suspiciously close to Belarus.

Metsatöll is a folk metal band from Estonia.  I have a few of their albums but I have to confess I never really gave them the listen-through they deserve.  This year they released a new album ("Ulg") and if their video for the song "Küü" hadn't caught my eye over at NCS there's a good chance that their discog would still be sitting largely unlistened-to in my stack of stuff I mean to get around to listening to.

Watch this: it features, among other things, a bearded lady, sexy mermaids, and underwater bagpipe playing. In fact most of the video seems to take place at the bottom of a lake.  You aren't going to see this kind of shit in your Belphegor video.

Metsatöll - "Küü"

And since one song is not usually enough to tell you whether you like a band or not, here's their cover of a traditional Estonian ditty called (as near as I can tell) "I Haven't Found My Song".

Metsatöll - "Oma laulu ei leia ma Üles"

Interestingly, Wikipedia has this to say about the Estonian language, as it pertains to Metsatöll:

Metsatöll's titling and lyrics make heavy use of archaic Estonian language and imagery, which often do not have clear English translations...while the word Sutekskäija [ed.: album released in 2006] does mean "werewolf", the Estonian werewolf legends are considerably different from those known in Anglophone countries, and this particular word has an emphasis on the human aspect of the person involved, so a better (although not as catchy) translation might be "One who regularly engages in werewolf business".

I mention this primarily because Google Translate renders "Küü" as "month", which seems...'not as catchy' as the video suggests.  It also offers "cantilever" as a possible translation for the album title "Ulg" (which I have on good authority as meaning "howl").

Metsatöll formed in 1999 and have an impressive catalog of 9 studio albums (my favourite being one whose title seems to translate to "See you  on the battlefield, bastard!").  I'm not sure why they didn't grab my attention before; all the elements I like are there (metal, folkiness, bagpipes) and they are a damn solid band.  I think I will go on the assumption that they are like beard chow: stuff that you can root out after a day or two and enjoy when you think there's nothing left to eat.  So here's another video for you to enjoy, or save in your face pubes in case you run out of folky deliciousness later.

Metsatöll, "Lauhinguväljal näeme, raisk!"


MNC Broz said...

I landed here accidentally around one and half hour ago and im still here. I mean that you have a good writing skills to got stucked with.

And as apologies for my bad english i say that i know exactly where Estonia is and i know also that the word "Küü" means Blindworm. ;)

Trollfiend said...

Well hey, that's about the best compliment I could wish for!

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