Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hærken Well, Ye Faithful.

I first heard about Hærken through one Andy Synn of the Nottingham, UK band Bloodguard when they played a tour last October/November somewhat appropriately called "Bearding the UK".  Hærken plays self-styled "medieval death metal".  Does that count as folk?  Probably not.  Nor Viking.  I might be able to swing it on the "pagan" tip but I think even that is reaching.  Now ask me if I care!

Hærken - "King Herla"

Dare I say 'infectious'?  That is some quality songsmithing in the true bardic tradition right there, if said bards were in the habit of cornering people in dark alleys and bludgeoning them to death with their lutes.  As far as I know, they've only got some demo tracks recorded at the moment, but I will be hovering over that metal feast like an angry vulture waiting to dive in and peck out any juicy eyeballs or innards that may surface.  Until then, you'll have to content yourself with whatever scraps I can carve off the internet's carcass.

Hærken - "Torquilstone"

Any band that can draw inspiration from Sir Walter Scott's 'Ivanhoe' for a kick-ass metal song is all right in my books.  Man, that works on so many levels.  'Books', get it?  Because, Ivanhoe?  You can get metal in many different places on the internet, but only here can you get this kind of quality comedy.  Enjoy...nay, revel...nay, BATHE in it, for it shall enrich you and make your hair sleek and shiny.


CrayonTiti said...

Well, that was nice. At first I didn't quite see the medieval aspect, until I heard something that felt like...dancing ? Yes, dancing. In a depraved and disturbing way, but still.
Also, nice use of bass.

Trollfiend said...

I think the medieval thing might be more lyrical content than musical style. Either way, I could totally joust to it.

CrayonTiti said...

Hah. I swear I can hear something like a slow tempo medival-esque dance in King Herla.

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